Second Electric Truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Scania – INDIAN

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Electric truck advocates in European Truck Simulator 2 they can expect an increase. SCS Software studio announced that the trucks will appear in the game after the Renault Trucks E-Tech T. Scania 40C And 45 C.

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You can start your journey with them today. quick orders. As with the electric Renault, it is not possible to buy these trucks and choose any load. This is due to their limited range. There are no charging stations in Euro Truck Simulator 2.. The infrastructure for electric vehicles is still under development, existing filling stations are not designed for charging stations and require major modifications.

The Scania 40 S and 45 S are based on the Scania S range with a 4×2 chassis and a six-speed gearbox. Combined with three electric motors, it boasts 400/450 kW (540/610 hp). The battery capacity is 624 kWh, which means they will be able to travel up to 520 km, depending on the gross trailer weight. If you run out of charge on the road, you can use the emergency charging service to top up the charge for a fee.

There are a few specific changes to the cabin compared to the electric variant. BEV-specific gauges appear along with a refreshed interior that includes blind-spot indicators built into the A-pillars, an electronic parking brake, and a few minor changes to the driver’s instrument cluster.

In addition, SCS Software created a special paint job. All of this can be seen in the video above and in the photos below.

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Source :Indian TV

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