Slovakian strategy puzzle game Preserve – INDIAN to be released during the holidays

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Earlier this year we reported on an interesting and relaxing puzzle game. Keepin which we create harmonious and living ecosystem from a barren piece of land, placing plants and animals on it.

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Slovakian studio Bitmap Galaxy has now revealed a release date. We’ll start creating nature on August 8 this year, when Preserve goes into early access on Steam. Console versions will come later.. At the moment you can on Steam try the demo version and add the game to your wishlist.

Early Access will feature a new ocean biome in the preserve, as well as full versions of the continental and savanna biomes, each offering harmony modewhich is an advanced creative mode.

“We’re excited to release Preserve into Early Access and allow our players to try out all the new content we’re working on,” — says Peter Janosik, studio manager and programmer at Bitmap Galaxy.

“The new ocean biome adds a whole new dimension to the game, and we believe players will enjoy creating ocean habitats. We’re excited to hear from our community, and we have a lot to share in Early Access before 1.0 launches.” he added.

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Source :Indian TV

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