Unplayed games in players’ Steam library worth over 445 billion crowns – INDIA

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Let’s be honest: one of the ills of being a gamer in the 21st century is accumulation games. But how many games did you buy? in the current Steam sale? And how much of this you will really play? Also, sometimes you get a game for free and suddenly it appears in your library. tens and hundreds of names.

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Internet PCGamesN using a database Search SteamIDdecided to calculate how much these games are worth in total, collected from the libraries of all players on Steam. The amount was a staggering 19 billion dollars. more than 445 billion crownsMore than the gross domestic product of Nicaragua, Niger, Chad or Mauritius,“, the article says.

It should probably be noted that this is not a serious study. PCGamesN was based on 73 million public profiles in the SteamID Finder. That’s about a tenth of all players. From there, they came up with a number 1.9 billion dollars and only he multiplied by ten. It should also be added that the price of titles often fluctuates. It is not just about discounts, their price can be reduced forever. Or suddenly it will be free. So the price of your library can change from day to day.. Not to mention we only talk about Steam all the time, guys. free games on epicwhich you collect every week also have a certain value.

Either way, it’s an interesting statistic, and whatever the actual number is, it’s certainly huge. Another number that might blow your mind is how long it would take to play through all the games in your library. If you have a public profile, you can find out at How long to beat.

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Source :Indian TV

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