Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 will be shown at Summer Game Fest

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As we wrote in an article about new information about the upcoming historical role-playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2, producer Martin Klíma said during a lecture at the Game Access event in Brno that we will see a new trailer “soon”. I myself assumed that it would be possible to play it during the Summer Game Fest, which awaits us on Friday, June 7th. Indeed, this information has now been confirmed directly by host and presenter Geoff Keighley.

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He organized a Q&A for an event on Twitch, where he answered questions from the audience (Rock Paper Shotgun, for example, reported this). Of course, many were interested in what games would be featured at the event, and although Keighley doesn’t usually answer such questions, this time he didn’t hold back. In addition to Monster Hunter Wilds and Metaphor: Refantazio, which have already been confirmed for SGF, he also confirmed a new demo for Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2.

But Keighley also named titles that, on the contrary, should not be expected. Among them, for example, is the sci-fi “Judas” from the creator of BioShock, Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, Kingdom Hearts 4 or the story of The Wolf Among Us 2 from Telltale. Overall, as is typical at SGF, we should expect the show to focus on already announced games rather than entirely new announcements. The presentation will last approximately two hours.

You can watch it, for example, on YouTube or Twitch from 23:00 CEST on June 7.

Source :Indian TV

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