PlayStation VR2 will also work on PC from August

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Sony today revealed details of the previously announced compatibility of its PlayStation VR2 headset with PC gamers. Sony VR will run on PC via a separately sold adapter, priced was set at 60 euros.. It will be connected to the PC using a classic USB to DisplayPort cable. Below you can see the minimum build required to play the game on PS VR2. Of course, the requirements themselves will vary depending on the specific title.

Sony offers full compatibility with the SteamVR platform, which should provide smooth playback of VR games directly from Steam. PlayStation VR2 will offer almost all the features on PC that the headset has on PlayStation 5. The only exception is eye tracking technology, which will not work on PC. For the release of the mentioned adapter and related PC support will be added on August 7th..

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PlayStation VR2 will also work on PC PS1 from August

Source :Indian TV

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