PlayStation console exclusive Ken: Bridge of Spirits will be released on Xbox

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In September 2021, the American studio Ember Lab released the action adventure Ken: Bridge of Spirits, which impressed with its sophisticated graphics, beautiful game world and exciting combat system. However, even more than three years after its release, the game is only available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. However, today the developers announced that the game will soon premiere on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles. Exactly like this will happen on August 15 this year.

There’s been quite a bit of speculation surrounding Microsoft’s console ports over the past few months, so this isn’t all that surprising. You can learn more about the game from our review, in which you can read Kena: Bridge of Spirits. she received a rating of 9/10 and the following verdict: “The disarming beauty of the local world is ideally combined with the heartfelt narrative of the pilgrimage of a spiritual guide. An extraordinary audiovisual work that is uniquely stylized, but at the same time offers a very exciting gameplay, intended primarily for young players. Navigation can be a little annoying at times, and the main character can remain a little too mysterious, but these little things don’t take away from the uniqueness and strength of the overall experience.

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Source :Indian TV

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