Czech Medieval Survival The Middle Ages focuses on realistic treatment – INDIAN

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Czech independent studio Neronian today we introduced survival Middle Ages: Peasants and Knightswhich will take players into a medieval world inspired by 14th century Europe, where they will have to use their skills and wits to survive.

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“Middle Ages is not just another survival game, it is a hardcore simulation of the Middle Ages – from gathering to crafting, village building and farming. And all this thanks to unique mechanics related to the inventory system or realistic crafting, based on Unreal Engine 5.” – says Jan Kolek, co-founder of the studio and lead developer.

He must wait for the player harsh medieval world. Surviving it will require effort, strategy and a little luck. One of the key mechanics is the so-called true inventory system. the player can take as many items as he would actually take and carry away. Finding efficient ways to obtain, transport and store materials will determine success/failure. The immersive experience will be complemented by detailed first-person exploration, inspired by real historical processes.

“The central motive of the game is not only the freedom to choose one’s own destiny, but also the immediate or delayed reaction of the environment to these decisions. Players can choose a humble hideout and a small field under the rule of a lord, or take fate into their own hands and try to fight or trade to gather enough funds to build a village and castle and gain control of their territory. There are many paths to a happy life, from raising livestock and growing crops to driving goblins out of the forest with a hand-forged sword.” – adds Jan Heikal, co-founder of the studio and lead designer.

Steam confirms that Middle Ages: Peasants & Knights will release in Early Access in late 2025. Czech subtitles, although the official description of the developers does not exclude the appearance of other platforms in the future. So consoles are also in the game.

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Source :Indian TV

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