Xbox will launch a mobile store in July

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In July Microsoft will launch its own mobile store. At the Bloomberg Technology Summit she announced President of Xbox Sarah Bond.

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The store will launch in the browser, Xbox does not want to wait for a change in the rules for opening mobile platforms to third parties, which is approaching in Europe and which is also being addressed by authorities in the United States. “This will allow us to provide a service that is available on all devices and in all countries,” Bond explains.

First-party games will appear on the Xbox Store for mobile devices first. Sarah Bond mentions the saga Candy Crush And mine craftMicrosoft’s next big mobile game is a must Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile. Partners with their games will join later. The service aims to provide a “true cross-platform mobile experience.”

This is another step by Microsoft towards dominance in the mobile communications market. For the same reason, the mobile division played a key role in the purchase of Activision Blizzard. King. Companies Apple And Google but it’s not easy for him, he has several lawsuits with both of them Epicwhich tried to circumvent the current monetization rules in its App Store and Google Play.

Source :Indian TV

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