April sales in Czech game stores

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Czech game stores Xzone and JRC have published traditional rankings of the best-selling games and consoles over the past month. This time it’s a product review for April.


Xzone was the most successful Fallout series in a SPECIAL Anthology edition, whose sales demonstrate increased interest in the entire brand since Amazon launched the series. The recently released PlayStation exclusive Stellar Blade also did well, finishing in second place. The imaginary catwalk then ended with the Pacific Drive survival car. Fallout 76, Dragon’s Dogma 2 or leading sports games such as NHL 24, EA Sports FC 24 were also among the best-selling games.

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The list of consoles continues to be dominated by the PlayStation 5 with an optical drive, followed by the Nintendo Switch OLED and the PlayStation 5 without an optical drive.

April sales


In the JRC, traditional constants took the leading positions. He retained the sporting title in first place EA Sport FC 24which complements Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The fourth The Last of Us: Part I and the fifth NHL 24 also showed good results. Of the recently released games, the seventh Stellar Blade took first place.

The first position was clearly defended by EA Sports FC 24. EA sports products have long been among the best sellers, be it football or hockey, which took 5th place in April.” Petr Kratochvil explains to the seller.

TOP 10 April in JRC:

  1. EA Sport FC 24
  2. Grand Theft Auto V
  3. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3
  4. The Last of Us: Part I
  5. NHL 24
  6. The Last of Us: Part II
  7. Star Blade
  8. mine craft
  9. Gran Turismo 7
  10. Spider-Man Marvel 2

April sales

Source :Indian TV

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