10 things that will surprise you DayZ Frostline – INDIAN

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The future of DayZ gives us chills. And not only after them. An ancient powerful force has been added to the game, which is as harmful to the human body as the bite of an infected or a precise shot to the player’s head, which is what your precious equipment wants – Winter is coming!

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During a special event for DayZ’s 10th anniversary, which took place at a former missile base near Prague, the developers gave us a paid expansion called DayZ Frostline. thanks to him this fall the popular Survival will expand the winter map of Sahal. And since this is a rather unique environment, it is necessary to properly prepare for it. Whether you know how to play DayZ or you’re cold about it, the following 10 things will help you thoroughly prepare for the rich DayZ Frostline expansion.

It is clear that frost and snow are not very compatible with optimal conditions for survival in a post-apocalyptic world. Therefore, the Sahal archipelago with an area of ​​more than 80 km2, located within sight of Kamchatka, promises An even higher difficulty than what you are used to on the currently available official maps of Chernarus and Livonia.. Newbies or veterans who haven’t played DayZ in a while should definitely acclimatize a bit on the older maps before heading out into the cold of Sahal.

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