Well-known exclusivity will be removed from PlayStation Plus

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Two weeks ago, we reported on the published list of games that would leave the PlayStation Plus library in Extra and Premium versions in May. Even then, it was obvious that subscribers would miss out on a surprisingly large number of games. Officially confirmed the list currently includes 25 gamesamong which appeared the RPG Elex or 6 parts of the Final Fantasy series.

In addition, today we learned that a new album, released in 2017, will be added to the already numerous list. Horizon Zero Dawn Exclusive in full edition. This is a rather unexpected step, because the refusal of gaming services from well-known third-party games is not entirely common.

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As a result, some players are speculating that the game’s removal from PS Plus could foreshadow a future addition to the game. basic version of the subscription with the subtitle Essential or even the possible announcement of an improved version. In any case, Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition will be removed from the PS Plus Extra and Premium library along with two dozen other games on May 21st.

Source :Indian TV

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