A more realistic The Sims is coming. Life by You launches in early access – INDIAN

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After a number of delays, the developers are finally ready to release them. Life is you in early access on Steam and Epic Games Store. The early access phase for the life simulation game will begin in a month. It was originally scheduled to take place in September last year and then in March this year.

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Life by You is being prepared by the studio Paradoxical tectonicswhich was founded in 2019 and is headed by Ron Humble. This is the ex-boss Sims and former CEO of Linden Lab, where Second Life was created. Humble, backed by Paradox Interactive, wants to provide players with a realistic version of The Sims with an emphasis on freedom.

You will build houses, design households and tell many stories from the lives of your charges or families. They can be treated thanks to the opportunity switch camera to third person view. They will help with this too conversations in real languages, which will be generated based on events occurring in the game. The authors place a big emphasis on dialogue and want to offer their own editor so that everything can be edited.

We should get it in Early Access already a complete and challenging experience. After all, this was precisely the reason for the previous postponement. At that time the price was also listed at 39.99 euros. It will probably be the same now. With the help of the players, Life by You should become the most modified and open life simulator possible. His journey will begin on June 4, 2024.

Meanwhile, Electronic Arts is preparing new Sims and one enthusiast and his fans are preparing a very interesting game Paralives.

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