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When you think of farming, most people think of successful Farming simulator series. But believe me, this applies not only to this brand. You can also farm in the new hit Lords of the Manorwhere you build a medieval city and wage war, an unforgettable adventure Stardew Valley or in strategy Pioneers of Pagoniawhich attacks not only the unfortunate fans of The Settlers.

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These and many other games are being sold as part of the Steam Farming Festival. New and old parts of Farming Simulator have been updated with a new feature. Light year limit on an alien planet for 19.99 euros, medieval strategy Manor Lords for 29.99 euros, Ranch simulator for 9.99 euros, “Pioneers of Pagonia” for 25.49 euros, Survival in the settlement for 9.23 euros or fishing in Call of the Wild: Fisherman for 11.99 euros.

It’s far from remote farming, but why not. Same Rune Factory 3 Special Edition for 19.99 euros, Harvestella for 29.99 euros, successful construction strategy Wandering Village for 18.74 euros or Harvest Moon: Winds of Anthos for 39.19 euros. On the contrary, the life of a farmer will show you very positively. Farmer’s life for 11.70 euros, where you will be immersed in the rustic charm of country life.

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