Square Enix has canceled projects worth $140 million.

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Enix Square announces that this amount will affect its financial results $140 million, which fell on canceled projects. This comes after the company’s board of directors voted in favor of a new strategy in which it wants to develop fewer projects and choose more carefully where to invest.

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In accordance with speculation Square Enix should try to emulate the success of Capcom. The president Takashi Kiryu He’s been at the helm of the company for a year now and is well on his way to focusing on AAA titles and moving away from AAA and smaller titles. The market reacted positively to the information, and the company’s value increased.

The upcoming financial year review will likely be marked not only by the amount of canceled games, but also by the disappointing results of new Final Fantasy games. Sales did not meet expectations Final Fantasy XVI and according to the analyst Daniel Ahmad Square Enix is ​​also unhappy with the results Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth.

Square Enix did well last year too. Forspoken was a let down, and Final Fantasy XIV didn’t help much either.

Source : Zing

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