Koei Tecmo grows and establishes AAA studio

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Japanese company Koey Techmo has published results for the 2023/2024 financial year (ending on the last day of March). The numbers are mostly positive, but the publisher’s ambitions are even higher.

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Sales reached $544.6 million and annually increased by 7.9%. 11% of companies did not fulfill the plan. Despite the very positive results Rise of the Ronin, which has sold more than 7 million copies, Koei Tecmo attributes the growth mainly to mobile and online games. Among them is the game Atelier Resleriana: forgotten alchemy and liberator of the polar night, which was created as part of a recent collaboration with Akatsuki. In addition to Rise of the Ronin, Team Ninja also released a Souls-style RPG. Wo Long: Fallen Dynastywhich has been tried by over 5 million players thanks to its inclusion in Game Pass.

The company’s profit increased by 9.2% on $218 million. Koei Tecmo forecasts a decline next year, but is targeting 258 million in the long term. However, it is not going to weaken; on the contrary, it will hire about 200 people, and the total number of employees will exceed 2.5 thousand. The acquisition will also likely involve a new studio already established, which is expected to focus on AAA console games. His first game is already in development.

The upcoming fiscal year will be a maintenance year for Koei Tecmo. The company is preparing to release one console game (also uses the designation for computer games), the release of which was also delayed from last year. Most of the revenue will come from legacy games, as well as mobile and online games with live service.

Source :Indian TV

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