Take-Two will close the studios that worked on Kerbal Space Program 2 and Rollerdrome.

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According to documents obtained by Bloomberg, the shutdown of the studies is imminent. Game interception And Roll7. It is expected that this will happen as part of a reduction Take-Two Interactivewhich will replace about 600 people – 5% of the workforce.

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End Interception de facto confirms Take-Two’s mandatory notification in Washington State 70 job cuts as part of closure in Seattle, where the studio is based. The team is worth it Kerbal Space Program 2 and includes many of the game’s original developers who came with it from the later-closed Star Theory studio.

Commenting on the news to Game Developer magazine, the company said: “We are reducing the project portfolio, canceling several projects in development and optimizing the organizational structure, which will lead to a reduction in headcount and the need to hire new employees. (…) Publishing [Private Division] continues to support the Kerbal 2 space program.”

Roll7 among other things, it has the latest Roller rink or series OlliOlly. Since 2015, the team has been working entirely from home. We do not have more detailed information about its closure.

Despite the need to cut costs, Take-Two recently acquired Transmissionwho is working on a sequel Borderland. Take-Two has another part of the series in development Mafia and of course GTA 6.

Source :Indian TV

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