Starfield will expand ground transportation, eliminate complexity or decorate the interior of spaceships – INDIAN

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Also, with all the possible events and news related to the Fallout brand and the new series, do you feel like you’ll be dreaming of a post-apocalyptic series anytime soon? However, it seems that Bethesda Game Studios has devoted itself to other projects, especially the space RPG. Star field. The opening of the upcoming fourth proves this. an update that the developers describe as the most complete update to the game to date.

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The update will release on May 15/May 2024 and will offer some long-awaited news and improvements. It’s mainly about proper surface maps that will hopefully finally be usable for real.. Virtually blind and largely unusable maps will be replaced with a full surface view that will also offer pointers to points of interest in cities. They support fast travel, so you can quickly and easily navigate to merchants and various businesses using not only the surface map itself, but also the scanner. And although many argued after release that the excess of fast travel options in Starfield was harmful, at this point it looks like we’re seriously in for some big improvements in terms of surface maps.

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