How do you ruin a great game with a terrible world? This is what Sand Land will show us – INDIAN

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One of the global problems on Earth is the reduction in the amount of drinking water. So it’s appropriate to ask, what happens next? In a role-playing combat game sandy ground this fact has become an unpleasant reality. This is such a big problem that even the demons themselves suffer from a lack of water and, in order to survive, raid human columns with this liquid. But are demons really so merciless and have imposed such a curse on humanity that they themselves suffer? Or is it really something completely different?

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Let’s not bother you, the demons are innocent in this case. Years of natural disasters and war have turned the once beautiful landscape into a barren wasteland where only the strongest survive. After all, even the only river with drinking water has long dried up, so the last source of water is provided only by the king. But at a price that many cannot afford, and the poor monarch only gains wealth.

You have to, in the role of the evil prince Beelzebub, join a journey to a mysterious source, where the human sheriff Rao invites you. They will complete your group elder demon thief and you set off from the Demon Village to explore the surrounding area. It’s an open world where you won’t find much. Which actually makes sense since it’s an arid wasteland. But at the same time, this is a missed opportunity, because the reason you won’t find many pilgrims here is because of the enormous danger. And this is nowhere to be seen, with the small exception of the royal army.

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