Frostpunk 2 and Alone in the Dark will receive Czech localization

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The recently founded Game Translations group announced preparations. two other public places. First of all, this is the Czech language for the upcoming survival strategy Frostpunk 2. A translator with the nickname Jetro was able to start translating some texts thanks to the beta version that took place in the last few days. The game itself will be released on July 25.

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“As many strategy fans probably know, a continuation of the highly successful first volume will be released this summer. Last week saw the release of Frostpunk 2’s closed beta, which our strategist Jethro certainly couldn’t miss. The extracted texts from this version contain a considerable amount of NN, so a delay of several months between the beta version and the release of the final version will be useful. The release date for FP2 has been set for July 25, 2024.” data from Czech authors. Below you can see a sample of the current translation.

The second revealed project is the Czech localization of the remake of Survival Horror Alone in the Dark, released in March of this year. He will take care of this Czech translator with the last name Luc2as.

“Another new translation that will soon appear on our website is a restart of the successful horror Alone in the Dark (the first part of the series was released back in 1992). The main characters are private detective Edward Carnby and his client Emily Hartwood, who are looking for their uncle, and their goal is the strange Derceto estate. The story, with gothic horror elements, takes place in 1920s Louisiana. Luc2as has taken care of the translation and localization work is in full swing.” Representatives of the group complement the preparation of the second Czech.

Source :Indian TV

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