Riot Games was supposed to be working on a game similar to Smash Bros. – NATIVE AMERICAN

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According to a new report by journalist Mikhail Klimentov, she had a company Riot Games develop 2D fighting game similar Smash Brothers. The project, known within the company as “Pool Party” However, it was cancelled in May.

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The game was supposed to take place in Universe League of Legends and it probably had an effect on her 70-80 employeesThe developers are said to have seen an opportunity to create and support an eSports scene, unlike Nintendo, which is notorious for its commitment to the competitive Smash Bros. ecosystem and has been building rather aloofly.

Other internal sources said the cancellation was also due to “reassessing customer tastes for rival Smash.” Riot was also concerned about the apparent failure Multiverse from Warner Bros.

The pool party was supposed to take place originally a hardcore fighterbut later the concept was changed to include more party elements and a more casual atmosphere, which led to frustration among the people working on the project.

Riot’s senior director of communications Joe Hickson said in a statement: “We always have several projects in various stages of research and development, and projects come and go several times a year.”

As for the staff working on the game, at least half of them were transferred to other projects within the company, while the rest wanted to move on to other projects or left the company.

The development of Pool Party has not affected 2v2 fighter 2ХКО from Riot, scheduled for release in 2025.

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Source :Indian TV

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