Development of the new BioShock may be in full swing

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We’ve known about the development of a new part of the BioShock series since 2019, when 2K Games announced work on the game. But since then, we haven’t seen anything from the game itself. So we had to rely primarily on various unofficial information and leaks. One of them told about development is full of problems and rebootsOthers then said that the action takes place in Antarctica in the 1960s.

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This has generated quite a lot of interest in recent days. a significant influx of new developers at Cloud Chamber, the studio that has been working on the game since its inception. Specifically, the studio is currently trying to fill nearly 30 positions. In many cases, these are important leadership positions for designers, artists, and producers. However, the question remains as to where the development of the new BioShock actually stands after the aforementioned problems.

It is impossible to rule out either a transition to full-scale production or, on the other hand, a return to the beginning after another reboot. In any case, due to the relatively large number of new people, it is obvious that the game in Cloud Chamber is still being worked on. In addition to a full-scale sequel, rumors have also appeared in recent days about a possible remake of one of the old parts.

Source :Indian TV

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