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Summer discounts on Steam are in full swing. Don’t miss the opportunity to expand your library and play new and old games of different genres and sizes. The discount includes action games, construction strategies, racing, simulators and simulations.

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Medieval strategy Lords of the Manor Although it is in early access, it has already managed to charm and captivate players at this stage. If you want to build and manage a medieval village, turn it into a city and enjoy a complex economy, then Manor Lords is for you. Now you will save another 10 euros, because the game is sold for 29.99 euros.

“Manor Lords is a strategy game that lets you experience the life of a medieval nobleman. Develop your starting village into a bustling city, manage raw materials and production chains, and conquer new territories. The title is inspired by Frankish art and architecture of the late 14th century, with historical accuracy being prioritized where possible, which affects both the game mechanics and graphics. The usual medieval cliches give way to historical accuracy to make the world more authentic, colorful, and believable.” says the label.

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Source :Indian TV

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