Total War: Pharaoh is getting a lot of free content soon

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Creative Assembly has announced details of the upcoming free expansion for Total War: Pharaoh. It has received a very mixed reception, which the developers themselves have had to come to terms with. respond with an apology and a price reduction. The solution chosen was free additional content, which some players felt the game should have already included in the release. The first free expansion was released in January of this year and brought 37 new units and two playable factions.

In order, the second expansion, called Dynasties, will be even bigger. In particular, it will offer 4 new main factionswhich will be supplemented by 25 smaller factions. Also worth noting are over 150 types of units led by cavalry, which will be supplemented by new combat mechanics, a significantly expanded map and a family tree system called Dynasties.

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This largest and final expansion to date for Total War: Pharaoh will be available for free to existing owners of the game. Players with the news they are expecting they will see it on July 25thWhen is Total War: Pharaoh – Dynasties coming to PC.

Total War: Pharaoh

Source :Indian TV

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