Who is Emio? Nintendo releases short horror teaser

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Gamers may have been a little confused today when Nintendo posted a short teaser on YouTube that didn’t look like a fun family-friendly game, but instead had a downright creepy vibe. The fifteen-second clip shows a mysterious figure with a paper bag over his head. His creepy smile is accompanied by mysterious music and sound effects.

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“Who is Emio?” the caption reads. Nintendo also mentioned the hashtag on social media, but did not reveal any details. However, shortly after the video was released, fans found a tab on Nintendo’s Japanese website that played a short GIF of the “smiling man,” as Japanese characters describe him.

Since the page is in the Switch category, it is quite possible that this is actually a game. For the first time in a very long time, Nintendo has released a real horror film (by the way, the video is rated 18+ on YouTube). In any case, this will not be a full-fledged premiere, we can remember, for example, Eternal Darkness for the GameCube from 2002.

Source : Zing

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