Fallout London Coming Soon to GOG

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In April of this year, we informed you about the transfer of a fan project called Fallout London. This is an extensive mod for Fallout 4, which you will take you to post-apocalyptic London. The original plan was to have the title out by this time. However, the developers had to revise their plans after the official next-gen update for Fallout 4 was released, which caused quite a few problems in terms of the mod’s functionality. However, it now seems that the insurmountable obstacles have been resolved.

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The authors themselves they showedthat they sent the game files to GOG, which will take care of the release. It turns out that Fallout London is too big a project for the standard community project platforms, led by the Nexus Mods site. You can enjoy London Fallout free download on GOG. The exact release date should be announced soon.

Source :Indian TV

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