PlayStation Concord Event Reveals HW Claims

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Developers from Firewalk studio today published hardware requirements for the PC version of the Concord event, which will be released in the second half of August. But it will start in a few days. closed and then open betaallowing you to try the game out for free in advance. The claims are not as extreme as expected, so owners of current game settings should have no problem enjoying the expected game.

As for the aforementioned beta testing, its closed part for pre-order holders will take place from July 12 to 14. The subsequent open beta testing will take place from July 18 to 21. The full version is scheduled to be released on August 23, when Concord launches on PC (Steam) and PlayStation 5. It’s also worth noting that, like all recent PlayStation games, PC players will not need a PSN account, as we recently reported in a separate news story.

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Source :Indian TV

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