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In January of this year, we first learned about the difficult situation of the Piranha Bytes studio. The management of this German team then informed its fans that parting ways with its current owner in the form of Embracer Group. The ambitious Swedish company had to embark on a restructuring due to unrealized investments, during which it closed several studies and laid off more than 4,000 employees.

There were talks earlier this year that Embracer would try to find a buyer or partner for Piranha Bytes to ensure the continuation of the renowned studio, known for the Gothic, Risen and Elex series of RPGs. But these efforts have failed, according to new information from Polish magazine CD Action, which cites its own sources inside Piranha Bytes. The result should be complete closure of the studywhich Embracer was due to join at the end of June.

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Almost simultaneously with the publication of this news, two Piranha Bytes veterans stated founding a new studio called Pithead. In particular, this is Björn Pankratz, who has been with Piranha Bytes for over two decades, serving as creative director, game designer and musician on all the major games released by the German team over the years.

He also moved with him to the newly founded Pithead studio. wife Jennifer Pankratz. Let’s see if other select developers from Pyranha Bytes, which apparently blocked his path forever, will move to the newly formed division.

Piranha Bites

Source : Zing

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