2K is working on a new remake

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2K Games is most likely at this point working on a remake some of my old games. Developer Brett Shoup made the announcement on his LinkedIn profile, as first reported by MP1st. Shoup quickly deleted the mention of the remake, suggesting that the project may still be in the works. However, Shoup did not specify which series the remake was related to.

Most frequently mentioned by players BioShock brandwhich should see a full-fledged sequel in the foreseeable future. Therefore, even before the release of the new part, it would make sense to introduce the series to the new one, for example, through a remake of the first part. There are also rumors that a film based on the Borderlands series will be released this year. However, even in this case, there have long been talks about a traditional sequel.

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Much less probable options can also be mentioned. Mafia 2 remake or a remake of the event Special Operations: Linethe original version of which was recently taken off the market. But 2K’s portfolio is so broad that there are plenty of options.


Source :Indian TV

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