Cities Skylines 2 Won’t Be Coming To Consoles Anytime Soon

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Paradox Interactive released the city-building strategy game Cities Skylines 2 in October last year. Despite the high expectations that players had for the sequel after the success of the first part, the game. received a very mixed receptionThe second Cities Skylines mostly paid for its problematic technical state, which the developers from the Colossal Order studio are still trying to gradually improve in the form of free updates.

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The game was originally supposed to be released simultaneously on PC (Steam), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. However, the console versions were delayed until early this year, even before the PC version was released. However, even that deadline proved unrealistic, so it was pushed back to October. But in a new post on the official Paradox forum, the developers announced that they won’t meet this deadline either.

They cited ongoing development difficulties and unresolved optimization issues with the console versions, which are still not in a satisfactory state, as the main reason. Because it was not the new date has not been set at allso it’s likely that the wait for console ports of Cities Skylines 2 will drag on until next year.

Source :Indian TV

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