Knarr – Zing Board Game Review

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A week later, I have another board game review for you that is worth checking out. This time, it is primarily a card game called Knarr, which works with a Viking theme. The following lines will tell you how to play, what will interest you, and much more.

Number of players: 2 – 4
Play time: 30 minutes
Price: 539 CZK (Tlama Games)
Age: 8+

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Knarr allows you to create research groups.

This is a game about brave men and women who are waiting for you in a properly loaded package, the contents of which you can only fully integrate into the game if the maximum number of players are playing. If this is not the case, the number of cards participating in the game is reduced, and clearly numbered cards are returned to the box, as they represent the number of commanders that must be drawn to be included in the group. Here, each player receives his ship (knarr), next to which he places two Viking cards, after which he takes three more chips into his hand.

Once everyone is ready and the first player has been chosen, there is nothing to stop you from entering the game. In each round, players first total up the reputation they have managed to gain. The more quests you complete, the more points you get. Once completed, you do one of two things. You can either recruit or sail. Recruitment is done by taking a card and placing it on a token of the same suit. If it is not a new card, you take resources for each piece above it, including the piece currently attached.Knarr Board Game Review Knarr 2

After saving, you need to take a new character card from the menu. The drawn card can be of any suit, but it is firmly linked to the field where the previous figure was. In case this figure does not suit you, you can spend a soldier token and thus get the opportunity to draw any card. Personally, I like this alternative because it allows you to add interesting pieces to your hand, which can then be used to get more raw materials. The second action that can be taken is a sea cruise.

It makes sense to set out on an adventure with a crew. Sailing works on the principle that you choose one of six expedition cards that are offered to you. To conduct an expedition, you must pay for the costs by culling the faithful Vikings who will take part in it. If you do not want to throw away the painstakingly created formations, there is an option to use soldier tokens to carry out an expedition, with one part replacing one card. After paying all the costs, you can take the card and place it on board your ship, receiving all the resources it represents. The range of these cards is really diverse, thanks to which you can look at really interesting directions, always requiring slightly different “raw materials”.Knarr Knarr 3 Board Game Review

Before or after you perform one of the above actions, you will still have the opportunity to trade. In the shop, you take out one to three of your bracelets and exchange them for resources from the quest cards that are placed above your ship. The number of bracelets you use depends on which raw materials you take. There are three columns in the menu, and if you want to fully exploit their potential, you have no choice but to take three bracelets. You will only need one for the first column on the left. This can be the path to soldiers and victory points. After you perform your action and possibly make a trade, your turn ends.

The game continues like this until one player manages to collect 40 victory points or even exceed the set value. Once this moment arrives, the current round will be played and then the scores will be recalculated. You probably won’t be surprised, but the winner of the game will be the one who manages to collect the largest amount. Simple, right? You can spice things up a bit with the help of artifacts that modify the overall gameplay with various conditions.Knarr Board Game Review Knarr 4

The Knarr Viking cart impresses with its accessibility.

The first Nordic ships have already explored new territories and it must be said that it was a good experience. Knarr is a relatively undemanding game, giving the player the opportunity to work very effectively with the cards of his team and thus take advantage of their potential in various ways. The color is important, as well as what expeditions you are going to go on here. It all forms a beautiful puzzle that works well. However, the competition is relatively strong, so the question is whether it will break through.

Personally, I would recommend Knarr to card game fans who enjoy the Viking theme and enjoy a format where you have to actively work with many factors to win. If you are in that group, I probably won’t be afraid of this play with very beautiful cards.

We would like to thank Czech distributor Mindok for providing us with a copy of Knarr.

Source :Indian TV

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