The Space Age expansion to the Czech hit Factorio will take you to unique planets – INDIAN

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It’s been a year since home studio Wube Software revealed details of a major expansion. Space Age for a successful strategy Factorioin which players build automated factories. Now we know when we’ll fly into space.

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The long-awaited Space Age expansion will be released on October 21st this year. This is the perfect time for the team after the summer holidays. The developers should have enough time to fine-tune the content. Plus, the Christmas holidays are still a long way off, so they have room for any additional overhauls.

The price was also announced. The Space Age expansion will be sold for 35 dollars/euro. You can add it to your Steam wishlist right now. By the way, the base game is currently on sale for 32 euros. That should tell you how much new content Wube Software wants to squeeze into the DLC.

At the same time, Space Age will be released with a major update called Factorio 2.0. It will contain many modifications and improvements to the game and engine. These include improved train system control, optimized flying robot behavior, and better planning.

As for the expansion itself, Space Age picks up where the main campaign of the base game ends, after the rocket launches into space. In the bonus, you launch several rockets into space with a specific goal. construction of space platforms in orbit for orbital industry and research. These platforms are flying factories and serve as a means of transportation between planets. In addition, one must not forget about defense in order to be able to shoot down attacking asteroidsYou can “catch” the smaller ones and process them into fuel for planes and ammunition for turrets.

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Source :Indian TV

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