It’s an obstruction and a violation of the law, Epic says about Apple’s attempts to stop its store from launching – INDIA

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Epic Games is trying to get its game store out and Fortnite on Apple platforms, the latter is throwing pitchforks at it. The Epic Games Newsroom account is reporting on the status of the Epic Games Store’s arrival on iOS. Yesterday, it posted that Apple has already Notarization was refused twice application.

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They claim that Epic’s “Install” button design and placement is too similar to Apple’s “Get” button, and that our “in-app microtransaction” labeling is too similar to theirs.” let’s finish reading to X.

Epic thinks that’s enough. agreement follows installed by other popular iOS applications. “We strive to create a store that is easy for users to understand.“, – explains. In their opinion, Apple’s behavior let And violation of the Digital Commerce Act (DMA – Digital Markets Act). He informed the European Commission of the situation.

Just a few hours later, the account posted another tweet in which Epic wrote that their previous rejected request Apple complied with the demandsEpic is set to release its store on iOS within a few months.

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Source :Indian TV

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