Cooperative games are becoming more and more popular.

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Research from Video Game Insights shows that co-op games have yet to reach their peak. Last year saw the most releases of all time, and this year they account for almost half of all game sales.

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The study is based on data from Steam, which the developers announced last year. 799 cooperative games. Although they accounted for only 6% of the nearly fourteen hundred titles, they still accounted for a significant 36% of sales. This year, the figure is even higher. In the first half of 2024, the share of co-op games sales will be 46%.

This year’s drivers are obvious. On the one hand, it’s a surprise hit. Pulworldwhich sold 19 million copies and was played by over 2 million players at the same time, on the one hand Helldivers 2which has sold 11 million copies. The top four is rounded out by the horror film Content Warning with 2.5 million and a Czech tactical action War in the Gray Zonewhich has amassed 1.4 million sales.

The good results of co-op degrees are supported by research and other figures. For example, even the best-selling quarter of co-op games does twice as well as the rest of the category. The average print run of a co-op game is 40,000 copies, while other games can count on an average of 5,000 copies. Among the factors causing inequality, VGI considers the possibility of better sharing of the experience of working together not only between the players themselves, but also through streams or memes. Replayability also plays a role.

Source :Indian TV

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