Dinosaur shooter Exoprimal will no longer receive additional content – INDIAN

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The fourth season of the shooter Exoprimal will end on July 11/July. But after that the fifth one won’t come, To The game will return in the first season. Capcom has no plans for any further content. They will now be in the game on a monthly basis. remove all four existing seasons. Players will also be able to purchase season passes for the previous three seasons. Servers and online features will continue to operate. Exoprimal ni none of the game modes will be lost.

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However, Capcom’s move is not surprising. the game was released less than a year ago. Struggled with a lack of players for a long time., in accordance with SteamDB Only a few dozen people play it, at the time of writing this number was Current players 68. At the time of release, the maximum was about four and a half thousand players, next month it was three thousand less. If you want to play now, they will probably make you companions. shoes.

Exoprimal also did not receive good reviews. It is on Metacritic 67 points out of 100 from critics, from users even just 4.1 out of ten. In our review, compiled for you by Duppy, it received five points out of ten. The attempt to create a new brand ended in failure for Capcom.

Exoprimal is a multiplayer shooter in which teams of players compete against each other in scenes. dinosaur invasionPlayers dressed in exoskeletons will not only have to fight off human opponents, but also mow them down. hordes of bloodthirsty time travelers. The game was released for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. It is available within Game Pass or currently for sale on Steam for 19.79 euros.

This isn’t the only Capcom tag dedicated to dinosaurs. Fans Dino Crisis They are still waiting with hope for an announcement about the series’ return, at least in the form of a remake. So far, they have only officially received Capcom Twitter Wink for the 25th anniversary the release of the first volume hinting at the series did not forget. Capcom also released a survey asking which series players would most like to play again. Dino Crisis won and surpassed such strong brands as Mega Man or Devil May Cry.

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