In a new update, the creators of Elden Ring offer players ways to improve unstable operation

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The new expansion for Elden Ring has enriched the base game in many ways. Most of the news was, of course, positive, but as it happens, along with the positive elements, there were also some that cannot be perceived positively. For example, the stability of performance was seriously disrupted for a number of players on both PC and PS5. However, according to the creators of the currently released patch notes, this problem may be on the side of the players. At least in the case of PC owners, the authors of the famous role-playing game are working on the idea of ​​​​involuntarily enabled ray tracing. Those of you who do not use it and still experience unstable FPS should disable third-party programs that can cause frame drops.

In a new update, the creators of Elden Ring offer players ways to improve the unstable operation of Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.

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If you are experiencing frame drops on PlayStation 5, it is recommended to perform a database repair, which is available as part of the options offered in Safe Mode. The question is whether these steps will actually help here. In addition to this information, there have also been a number of modifications and fixes, which you can view in detail here. You can play Elden Ring on PC, PlayStation consoles, and Xbox.

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