Nintendo Adds Seven NES Games to Its Subscription Catalog – INDIAN

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Retro lovers and subscribers of the service Nintendo Switch Online they can make a long weekend more enjoyable seven new additions to the game catalog. All of them originally came out on Nintendo Entertainment System and among them there are classics, but also rare works.

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The most interesting title The Mystery of Atlantis since 1986. This is the first opportunity to play this game in the West, this jumper never released outside Japan. And this despite the fact that Sunsoft developers claim that The game is superior to Super Mario Bros.In the game you take on the role of an adventurer. Wynnwhich strives from the mythical Atlantis save your mentor.

This is a long-awaited title Golf since 1984. The name of the game speaks for itself: it’s digital golf. But at the same time, it’s about best selling sports game on NES And launch title for the console. The game was worked on by such legends among developers as Shigeru Myamato, Koji Kondo or Satoru Iwatawho programmed the game. He later became president of Nintendo, a position he held until his death in 2015. When the Switch came out, all of Golf was baked into the console’s source an easter egg and a tribute to Iwata’s work. Today, it is no longer in that code, but you can still play the game with a subscription.

Other games include Donkey Kong Jr. Math 1986, combining a jumping game with math or a space game. Solar Jetman since 1991, what is the studio worth RareThe group is equipped with a thresher. City Champion (1886), a racing game. Max Ryder (1985) and the motorboat shooter Cobra Triangle (1989).

The games are already available in the basic category of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription, which will cost you 499 CZK per year or 99 CZK when paid monthly. In addition to NES games, you will also be able to play games from SNES and original Gameboy. The menu also includes Expansion pack for a subscription that also includes games from Nintendo 64, Gameboy Progress And Sega Genesis.

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