Tales of Kenzar: The Fire of the Zau Developers – INDIAN

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Every time we start to hope that the wave of layoffs in the games industry is ending, it comes another sad newsThis time they are disabled. Urgent Studiosthe authors of the recently released metroidvania Tales of Kenzara: Zau. The magazine was the first to report the news. Game developerlater confirmation came from the developers themselves.

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IN tweet The studio says they had to fire dozens, or twelve people. The exact number is unknown.”We remain extremely proud of the work our team has done on ZAU and the praise the game has received from critics and players alike.“, – the message says. The studio is now he wants to focus on helping the disabled and further support for ZAU. At the same time, they are already looking to the future with another project idea.

The founder of the studio also commented on the situation with sadness Abubakar Salim. “I know we’re not the only ones, but that doesn’t make it any easier.” he says. He is proud of what his team has achieved in the four years since its inception. Salim founded the company with a vision transmedia storytellingThis means that it’s not just about games, but also about movies and television. Now I ask for help on X and opportunities for laid-off developers. He gradually calls them – among the disabled it is necessary Producer Phil Smye, Animator Chris Tarrant, level designer Pete Brisborne and many others.

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Source :Indian TV

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