Hogwarts Legacy Gets Czech Localization

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The translation group Lokalizace.net published a long article early yesterday evening. expected fan translation role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy, which was among the most outstanding games of last year. Czech in the form of subtitles for the PC version can be downloaded for free on the website. localization.net. At the same time, the group’s representatives said that they are currently completing the translation of the Separate Ways pro-expansion. Resident Evil 4 Remakewhich should also soon receive Czech subtitles.

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“Hello everyone, it’s here, the time has come. From now on you can download the localization of Hogwarts Legacy, including all DLC, from our website. There was really a lot of testing, but we could still miss something, so if you find any discrepancy, please let us know on the website. https://lokalizace.net/cestina-do/hogwarts-legacy – report errors or disagreements. If you like localization, you can support us here. https://lokalizace.net/donate . Remember that this is also important to us and helps us cover the large operating costs that we pay out of our own pockets. Thank you very much to your team localization.net,” – the translators write on their website.

Source :Indian TV

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