TOP 10 Main Characters Who Made Really Stupid Decisions – INDIAN

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Many games have protagonists that we love. But the problem is that sometimes even these “heroes” can make really stupid decisions that leave us scratching our heads. And sometimes, unfortunately, we, the players, make them.

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It’s debatable whether Kratos can be considered an “amazing protagonist” in the early parts of the bloody God of War game. While some will call him flat, others will defend him to the core.especially considering his tragic rise and what happened to his family. However, it cannot be denied that his main characteristic was his almost endless rage. And it was he who caused a number of problems.

There was one such moment in the second part, when Zeus was able to deceive Kratusto invest most of his godly power into the mighty weapon, the Blade of Olympus. What does Kratos do, blinded by rage and seduced by the possibility of incredible power? Of course, he obeys the King of Olympus and invests his power into the weapon. This leads to his own death after that Zeus is betraying him and he does not have enough strength to properly defend himself. Really good work, Crait.

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