You can try PlayStation’s shooter Concord for free

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Developers Firewalk announced the release date for the upcoming Concord event at the State of Play event in May. Today we learned the exact date of open beta testing, which will precede the real release. Thanks to beta testing, players will be able to try out the long-awaited shooter on PC and PlayStation 5. from 18 to 21 July. Pre-order owners will also be able to start playing during the so-called Early Access Weekend, which will take place from July 12 to 14.

In terms of content, it will offer a beta version. 6 game modes, 12 maps and 16 heroes.. The full release is scheduled for August 23 on PC (Steam) and PlayStation 5. Along with beta testing details, select journalists have published previews and gameplay footage, which you can view below.

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For example, Game Informer magazine described Concord as combination of Destiny and Overwatch games. Other editors then recall their impressions of, for example, the Halo series. The comparison to Destiny and Halo makes sense, since Firewalk was founded by former members of Bungie, the studio behind both brands.

Source : Zing

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