The new Tomb Raider is slowly approaching

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Developers from the Crystal Dynamics studio confirmed in April 2022 that they were working on a new game from the Tomb Raider series, which would run on Unreal Engine 5. In December of the same year, it subsequently became clear that the development was from a publisher’s perspective based on Amazon’s gaming division. In May of this year, information about the upcoming series, also from Amazon, aroused interest. This has fueled rumors of the upcoming game that the new Tomb Raider will boast an open world set in India and the use of a motorcycle.

However, players are still waiting for the first official materials and details. Some hope was given by the statement of Amazon Games Vice President Christoph Hartmann, who said in an interview with Variety that the publication of news about the new Tomb Raider game is just around the corner. At the same time, he added that it is primarily about quality and the expected AAA experience, so they do not want to rush into anything. Amazon itself, according to him, in terms of publishing new games moving to a more regular pace, which should soon bear fruit. In addition to the return of the Tomb Raider series, Hartmann also mentioned the upcoming MMO The Lord of the Rings.

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tomb Raider

Source :Indian TV

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