Days Gone writers planned a whole trilogy

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It’s no secret that Days Gone, released in 2019, was supposed to get a second part. This has already been revealed by selected members of the Bend studio. they had specific plans to continue, which did not go through the approval process within Sony. After Days Gone 2 was abandoned, several key members left the studio. However, the creative director of the first part, John Garvin, recently said that the studio was even counting on the entire trilogy.

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Future games according to Garvin The script and ending of the first game were consistent, which set the stage for the sequel. If Sony hadn’t decided to put the entire brand on hold, we probably would have seen at least two more installments. In their place, Bend Studios is currently working on an unspecified new game that should work with an open world concept, a multiplayer component, and a live service model. According to new information, the game will be powered by the Decima engine, which powers Death Stranding and Horizon.

Source :Indian TV

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