Epic Offers Free Game – Zing

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The Epic Games Store digital store contacted us again a week later with an updated free offer. Last week you were able to add the puzzle game Freshly Frosted and the free Rumble Club game pack to your library. Sunless Skies: Sovereign Edition is now available for free and you can activate it. until July 4 (17:00).

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This is an unconventionally conceived RPG from 2019 that focuses on story and exploration in a steampunk universe. You can explore it using a space locomotive. Developers from Failbetter Games further appeal with roguelike mechanics and inspiration from Victorian England. In many ways, the game is a continuation of the studio’s previous game Sunless Sea, which introduced the player to an underwater world for a change. Epic offers Sunless Skies in the full Sovereign Edition.which contains all additional content.

Source :Indian TV

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