We invite you to our community meeting, we are spending our second year at PLAYzone Arena – INDIAN

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Experience an unforgettable day with Indiana’s production team, NerdFix, and a community that loves games, technology, movies, and TV shows. This is our grand celebration of 16 years of work.

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The second Indiana Community Meeting will take place on Saturday, 07/27/2024 from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the PLAYzone Arena in Chodow. To enter the event you need to buy a symbolic ticket (you reserve a seat, food and drinks). More information below.

🥳 You will get a unique experience: You’ll have a lot of fun in a friendly community!

🤫 You will learn behind the scenes information: something you don’t see just in the video. At such events, the entire editorial staff is more responsive!

🍹There will be plenty of food and drink at the event: and as a main course you get a “special” INDIAN burger!

👋We invite everyone: whether you are 15, 30 or 50; Our community gets along great!

🔥And if that wasn’t enough for you: so we are preparing some surprises that will never happen again!

You can buy a ticket to the event right here.

Go to website

Source :Indian TV

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