Steam is getting its own Shadowplay, including the ability to upload, edit and share clips – INDIAN

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Valve is currently testing another new Steam feature. Officially it is called Recordings (in English Game Recording) and is available to everyone in beta version the Steam client itself. This means that this feature will be officially launched soon.

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Recordings use four key functions: recording, playback, clips, and sharing.

In terms of recording options, this feature is not much different from what we know from, for example, Nvidia’s Shadowplay service or perhaps OBS streaming software. Records support two modes. On request Classically, recording starts and ends after performing a keyboard shortcut. Background however, it will record your play continuously and backwards for the time you set (up to 9999 minutes). This means that once you make a shortcut, Steam will be able to download the last few minutes for you if you do something special.

And specifically in several possible qualities from 1.5 Mbit to 24 Mbit (unfortunately, even higher numbers cannot be set manually, at least not yet). And also records GPU acceleration support – so this feature shouldn’t impact your gaming performance – and it can even record your microphone. You can also choose whether should recordings only record a given game or the entire systemor only selected programs (unfortunately, without division into separate tracks).

In addition, right on Steam and during gameplay, you can open a separate “Recordings” window where you can directly view recorded videos in real time. but also timinghere you are give ratings or from video cut the clip. The latter is then not only possible export as mp4 filebut also to someone send directly to Steam chatsend it to another device (eg Steam Deck), On the mobile phone or even to the mailbox and then maybe paste it into Discord. Some of these features may not work if the clip is too long. But they should always be available for a clip with a maximum length of 60 seconds.

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Source :Indian TV

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