Starting next year, the Czech Republic will also begin subsidizing the gaming industry – INDIA

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Finally, we will not be yesterday’s! So such opinions may finally begin to emerge after that the Czech government on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, approved a proposal to amend the lawNo. 496/2012 Coll. on audiovisual works and support for cinematography, as well as on amendments to certain laws (audiovisual equipment law)“.

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What does this mean in a nutshell? Existing The State Cinematography Fund will be transformed into the State Audiovisual Fund. Thus, the state will financially support and subsidize not only the creation of films (or films and filmmakers), as it was before, but also television, animation, VOD (streaming) and game industry.

An important part of the proposal that the government has managed to push through today is certainly support for game developers and the entire gaming industry. This is an area with high added value, and we as a country are doing well in it, but previous governments were not interested in maintaining this position. At the same time, in other EU countries, similar funds have helped the gaming industry to start developing, and there is no reason why the Czech Republic should be left behind.The situation was commented on by the Minister of Regional Development Ivan Bartosh from Pirata.

Television, movie theaters and streaming services will contribute two percent of their annual revenue to the fund:at least 50% of the total annual investment must be allocated to co-production with independent producers or to the purchase of rights of use from independent producers,– is described in more detail in the statement of the Ministry of Culture.

It is also interesting to note that a maximum of 10% of this amount can be spent on Czech localization of international content.

Along with the new law, a board of directors will be created in which private payers will be represented, for example, alongside representatives of the ministries of culture and finance, who will jointly approve decisions, proposals and calls for subsidies. .

The validity period of the new fund is calculated from January 1, 2025.

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