We played Astrobot. A game that finally takes full advantage of your DualSense – INDIAN

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It’s been almost four years since the PlayStation 5 was released. Why is this important? Because the DualSense controller was released at the same time with a number of new and interesting features, such a free and solid platformer Playroom Astro. It mainly functioned as a technology demo of the controller itself and what it was capable of. Be it the great use of gyroscopes, touchpad, haptic vibration or adaptive triggers. Things that gave a great vision for the future and the new generation.

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But as we know, over time, these functions have not found much use among developers. One reason, of course, is that most creators release their games elsewhere, and developing variants for one specific controller can be a waste of time. However, even among Sony’s third-party studios, features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers haven’t gained as much adoption as most gamers would like.. To this day, Astro’s Playroom remains the unbeatable king when it comes to making full use of this great controller. And soon the moment will come when we can scream.”the king is dead, long live the king!

We were invited to the Czech branch of Sony to try out the upcoming Astro Bot. A complete full game that transforms Astro Bot from a tech mascot into de facto new Crash Bandicoot. At least that’s the feeling we had during the game. Luckily, we can’t show you real footage, so we have to settle for official PlayStation 5 footage. At least you saved Gela two hundred attempts not to die.

We had the opportunity to play two classic levels, try two special challenges and one boss fight. In terms of difficulty, we tried something pretty solid, from something easy to a more difficult level that required a lot of work from us. In addition to the positive impressions, Gelu and I already took away one important discovery from our first visit. – Astro Bot just seems bigger, more interesting, more varied and more inventive than Astro’s playroom itself. It really should be a big platformer where we jump, fight, solve puzzles, shoot, fly and the like.

We were tempted about 80 levels. And if they’re as different as the ones we were able to try, we’re definitely looking forward to it. First we played on this floating island covered with grass, which was very similar to the one we know from Astro’s Playroom. But we were immediately transferred to a level with the theme of a large building of some kind of skyscraper, and it immediately reminded me of something like Super Mario Galaxy or Odyssey.

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