Impressions of playing Astro Bot – a welcome landing

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While many may have missed the first game in the series, 2018’s Astro Bot Rescue Mission (it was released only for PSVR), the second, 2020’s Astro’s Playroom, will already be well known to absolutely all PlayStation 5 owners, since this game was included in the package Free when purchasing a console, pre-installed directly on the SSD of the console. While it was a shorter but excellent game in its own right, Playroom was also an excellent technical “demo” showcasing both the console’s performance (detailed surfaces and effects, zero loading, etc.) and, most of all, the dramatic difference in tactile response from legacy controller vibration formats. In addition, the game, with its levels, characters and collectibles, references the entire thirty-year history of the PlayStation brand, including individual mascots and equipment. So it’s no surprise that more or less everyone loved Playroom and wanted more of its beautiful aesthetics or even more beautiful gameplay.

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And this is exactly what they will get in a full-fledged standalone game called Astro Bot, which will be released along with the Czech localization on September 6 this year for the PlayStation 5 console. Thus, in total you will find approximately 80 levels of the same scale as in previous game. Of course, there are also a lot of collectibles hidden here, so one pass may not be enough for you. As for the plot, an evil alien (by the way, he looks a lot like the mascot Alzu) has kidnapped over a hundred astrobots from their home planet, and your job is to find them trapped on separate planets, free them, and destroy them. send them back to their home planet.

Thanks to the Czech representation of the PlayStation brand, I was able to complete three levels/planets, two of which were classic, and one which contained a long boss battle in several arenas. In addition, I was able to try out two mini-planets with more difficult challenges, which serve as a bonus for more demanding, experienced and daring players – successfully jumping over them is truly a big deal. As for the main planets, in addition to the unique environment, each of them also offered unique gameplay mechanics, a bit in the style of dressing up a suit with a unique ability. In the first case, it was a controlled inflation (and deflation) of your character, allowing you to take off. In the case of the latter, it was about obtaining shooting boxing gloves that could also be used to grab and pull towards more distant objects.

The individual levels are aesthetically pleasing and fun – in addition to jumping and finding hidden corners, you’ll also be destroying enemies here, some of whom are vulnerable to your blows and others to the jets of your boots if you jump over them. . Stolen Astrobots are sometimes generic in nature, but are sometimes referred to as the mascots of various games throughout PlayStation history, making them fun to look for. In addition to all this, the levels also contain purely experiential areas where you simply enjoy some kind of attraction, such as a water slide or a dynamic pile of fallen leaves – all with absolutely excellent haptic feedback support that reminds you how amazing it can be. be this function. . It’s a shame that only a small group of games support it properly.

The boss level was impressively entertaining: the arena itself is quite dramatic (an island gradually sinking into the abyss between giant waterfalls) and changes as the battle progresses, and the boss himself, a giant octopus, is animated in a witty and vibrant way, reacting to your actions. for example, punching or dodging and grimacing. You have an extra portion of lives for this fight – if in classic levels you return to the checkpoint immediately after one hit, then with the boss you will notice three additional icons behind you, which gradually decrease if the boss hits you. This allows for longer, more varied combat without getting frustrating.

Playing this game made me feel like I was continuing to play an excellent gaming room experience. I’m very interested in learning about other galaxies and planets, some of which seem to be more inspired by specific PlayStation games. I’m also curious if some of the costumes and special abilities will be replicated on other planets over time, or if literally every planet won’t have its own unique mechanics. Either way, this is a great game for the whole family that will almost certainly put a smile on your face as you play. Please watch this wonderful trailer.

Astro Bot will be released for the PlayStation 5 console with Czech localization on September 6, 2024.

Source :Indian TV

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