Frostpunk 2 is delayed and won’t be released until September

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It’s been two months since the limited beta release of the highly anticipated survival strategy game Frostpunk 2. While our impressions have been mostly positive, the overall reception from players has been rather mixed. The developers from 11 bit studio decided to listen to the feedback and make a number of changes to the game, but it will take more time. Therefore, they announced that instead of July 25, the game would finally be released. September 20.

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As for the news, some of them have already been presented by the creators in a press release. We can look forward to improved temperature management mechanics, better manpower management, new raw materials, more realistic faction behavior, or a more complex solution to protests. The user interface, which received the most criticism, will undergo major changes. It needs to be clearer and more intuitive.

There will also be so-called “Zoom Stories,” a new feature that will allow you to see what the ordinary life of your citizens looks like. In feedback on the beta, players often noted that compared to the first version, they have significantly lost contact with individuals and because of this they do not have the same connection with residents.

Frostpunk 2 will be released on PC, and Game Pass will be available on release day. Later it should appear on consoles.

Source :Indian TV

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