Elden Ring Patch Indirectly Changes Shadow of the Erdtree Expansion Difficulty – INDIAN

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The critically acclaimed Shadow of the Erdtree expansion for Elden RIng is currently causing some controversy within the community. The DLC’s rating on Steam is 69%, which is confirmed by many negative reviews. about excessive complexity.

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The developers responded to this first pointing out a new leveling system exclusive to the DLC.. Fragments that you can permanently find on the new map can then be traded for permanent stat boosts while you’re in the DLC.

Now a new update has been released for the game, which slightly modifies how this mechanic works. In other words, it changes the curve that determines how strong the stat boost will be.. For the first half of possible upgrades their power increases, and for the second half now “more gradual“. Also increases the final upgrade bonus that can be obtained.

Although this may solve some problems, Personally I don’t think it will have much impact. The reason is simple. While expansion is certainly challenging, if you explore a new location enough, collect those pieces, and use them, the difficulty shouldn’t be as severe as the major problems people are currently facing. In contrast, if you largely ignore these fragments, the fact that they are now stronger will not solve the main problem of the expansion’s difficulty. At best, it moderates them slightly. But I doubt it will be enough to sway community opinion.

In the new patch, the developers also respond to complaints with optimizations. They say there was a bug in the game that caused the ray tracing item to be automatically turned on (applies to PC version only). FromSoftware encourages players to look into their graphics settings and make sure this item is disabled if they are having optimization issues.

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Source :Indian TV

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